Living up to the Expectations

Today I've spend time thinking about this blog.
That maybe starting a blog wasn't the wisest thing I've ever done?
I love the thought of having a blog and I often, for instance when I'm on my way to work, think about all the things I'd love to post here and tell the unfortunate (or let us be positive; the fortunate) reader. Sometimes I arrive at work with an almost finished blog post on my mind. I just never find the time to post any of it. I hope it will be better next year. But exactly that sounds like something someone who never gets anything done says! And I will not be that person.
I'm updating my blog. Woohoo!

I'm always willing to try something new baking-wise and even though I've got a fool-proof recipe for a pear tart that always gives a gorgeous result, I wanted to try another recipe. Why? Because my sister isn't particularly fond of that pear tart, in fact she won't even eat it when I bake it. Now, my sister is a chocolate-lover, "who isn't" you say, but my sister? She's an extreme chocolate-lover. Unfortunately my mum had asked me to bake a pear tart, well, she did say "Bake that pear tart" - and I deliberately forgot that little detail. Instead, I dug through my bookmarks and after searching through countless of delicious-looking cake, cookie and mousse recipes I finally found the recipe that I vaguely remembered:

Chocolate and Pear Tart

I honestly fell for this exact recipe because of the rum in the chocolate filling (;
But believe me, this tart is delicious! It's a good brownie cake on a good shortcrust pastry. With pears! Could we get any closer to heaven?
Luckily, my family and, most importantly, my sister thought so too. I was pleased to see her munch the tart with a delighted expression and a busy smile all over that wonderfully beautiful face of hers.
Mission accomplished.


  1. Hi Anna! Tart is perfect, thank you for trying my recipe!

  2. The tart looks lovely, Anna! Great recipe! :)