The cold morning and the old rainbow

The clock is 6:00, early morning, with fiddly fingers I manage to turn off the clock that has been ringing for only a few seconds. I quickly draw back into the warm sheets. I like to lie there, curled up into a ball, just staring into the darkness of another winter morning.
I bought a new duvet. It is only now that I realize why I've never wanted to replace the paper-thin predecessor. I suddenly understand why so many of my friends don't like to get up in the morning.
It's absolutely horrendous! I've never had this much trouble getting out of bed, suddenly the morning seems darker and colder and I tug in under my warm, safe duvet, out of sight of anything that may lurk beyond the bed's edge. Thoughts start to circle my mind. What will happen today? Is it a good day?
Then, suddenly, it beats me that it's my mum's birthday in just few days, and I seriously can't find the time to buy her a present. She's most charitable and I'm sure she wouldn't be all disappointed if her gift was... A bit delayed.
I let out a long sigh. I just have to find time after school, I think and roll out of the bed.
I've been extremely busy lately, I've barely had time to do all my homework and I'm too much of a rebel to just skip my hobbies to finish off that reading assignment.

I'm now getting used to my duvet, it no longer has the same grab on me. Though I have to admit that I still lie there longer than planned! Today it's Sunday, the day after my mum's birthday. I found the present for her. A cup! Sounds silly doesn't it? Well it's a very special, super expensive cup... This cup!
My mum got a book from a friend of hers. A baking book. I'm trying not to be jealous. But the book may suddenly be standing on my shelf... It's a baking book by a very famous Danish chef named Meyer, he has written several best-seller cookbooks. One of them is a cookbook which is called “Almanac”. As the name hints it's a cookbook that gives you a completely foreseen year – Food-wise. Yes, Meyer put together a dish for every day of the year, a dish that also fits the season. It has become very popular, at least in Denmark, to eat mostly Danish food as it's better for the environment, tends to be a lot cheaper, and even a lot more delicious.
Anyway, back on track, this new baking book is absolutely beautiful! I don't think there's one cake in the book I wouldn't want to bake – Or eat!
Delicious pictures to come! This will be a good year food-wise! I know, that took me a while to conclude.

Today however, I'm going to post an old picture.
It's a rainbow cupcake!
I really love rainbows and colours so, obviously, I had to try them. The recipe worked out very well, the cakes are soft and spongy – However, as I'm more fond of a denser cake, I might alter the recipe a bit next time. But I mean, look at them. Aren't they gorgeous?
It requires patience and a number of teaspoons to get the cupcake mould filled with this gorgeous batter.

 I'm in love.

You can grab the recipe at Baking Bites!

Have a lovely day!