Marcipan and pistacio confections

It was a close call this year – Again... I almost had to spend my New Years eve by myself. I had decided not to celebrate when suddenly one of my closest friends called me. She and two of my best friends were going to celebrate at her place, nothing big, just cosy up with a few good films. And now they wanted me to come too. Few words can describe how cheery I suddenly felt, but to come close I imagine it will be a perfect evening!

They had planned a rather simple, though delicious dinner: Tenderloin with potatoes and some kind of sauce.
I'm kind of a snob... Don't get me wrong I really like tenderloin and I love taters (potatoes), but I'm going to try and do some kitchen magic. Nothing big! I'm just going to make a starter. Salmon rolls with horseradish and maybe serve a good glass of white wine to it. Then I've decided to make mushroom sauce for the meat and the taters. Maybe I'll make a small salad of some sort. I've got a few ideas, but little time to decide since I'll do the shopping today!
Of course they asked me to do the dessert with the note: ”We have ice cream, if you don't feel like making anything”.
Ohhh but I'm going to show them dessert, I am. My friends will not eat ice cream on New Years Eve!

However, I can't post anything about the dessert till I've made it - You know, judged the outcome and so on. Looks are important when it comes to cakes and creams!
So instead I've decided to post a much delayed guide to my favourite confections:
Pistachio and Marzipan Confections.

They're very simple, too! You just need to roll out marzipan rather thinly (about 4 mm), then cut them into circles in whatever size you would like your confections to be (I use a sherry glass for this) and put a little dot of pistachio marzipan in the middle. Then fold the circle over the half so it's a half moon and dip in melted chocolate. You can refrigerate them to make the chocolate dry up faster, or just let it happen slowly on the kitchen counter.

So they're rather quick and considering that we were three hungry children in the family it may have been a reason to why they became the traditional Christmas goodies in our kitchen (;

Belated merry Christmas!

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  1. Yummy! These sound like they were super tasty :) I'm glad you got to hang out with some people for New Year's Eve!